I apologize in advance if I get emotional in this blog.
So over the last week my family and I have been busy raising money, shopping and loading trucks with fuel, water and food for those stranded on Highway 63 and then for the Legion where evacuees are stopping for supplies.
Its been heartbreaking watching a community that had opened its arms and hearts to me and my family in our time of need after Morgan passed away. We spent the first day of evacuations on watch while we waited to hear from all our friends that they were safe. More importantly we sat on pins and needles waiting to hear from my brother or from anyone who had information about where he was. We got that call just after 7pm from him saying he got out of the city and was heading west of Edmonton.
Last night we stepped back. We had to. My mom is on the verge of running herself into the ground as she tends to do in the face of tragedy and other’s time of need and my dad is wondering now about school, work and where we will be in a couple months time. You see as much as we complained about being isolated in Ft. Mac we grew to call it home and we miss it.
Today I will be at City Hall with the mayor as she proclaims Mental Health Week as well as Child & Youth Mental Health Day which is tomorrow. Another small step in making the changes we need. It is even more important today as we remember as volunteers we need to make sure we are looking after our own mental health, and knowing that 1 in 3 evacuees will now need access to mental health treatment and care. This is a loss and a tragedy. Grief and PTSD will happen as a result of this and this community will need help in the weeks and months to come. The volunteers who listen and see these people come through can and will feel these effects, as well as all those who are fighting the fire, first responders, RCMP, clean up crews etc will all feel these effects for a long time to come.

While I should be posting about events I have done or will be doing I am sorry I can’t. My heart and soul are with my old community and that’s all I can think about right now.
Tomorrow I will be helping at Heartland Ford from 10-6 for their BBQ fundraiser and I hope to make some kids smile and laugh in a time they need it. For now know I may be Miss Teenage Fort Saskatchewan 2016 because this is where I live now but my heart is still a Fort Mac girl. Please remember to donate if you can to the relief, either Red Cross or we have all our donations to Morgan’s Mission going to immediate needs around the city and neighbouring cities who have evacuees staying there. I am off to get ready but remember #FortMacTough and #AlbertaStrong <3

Written by: Bailey

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