The city Fort Saskatchewan: I call it my hometown

I’ve lived here since I was young, and I proudly wear my crown.


It’s a city that I love, and that’s become a part of me;

A city with a long, long list of things to do and see!


And although it was a rainy day, my tiara, sash, and I

Took some pictures of things to see if ever you’re passing by!


One thing about the Fort that’s been a hit for twenty years

Is the flock of sheep that mow our grass – each summer they appear.


Me visiting a black sheep!

And in all of North America, our city stands apart

For having ‘shepherd’ on the payroll, a job that’s quite an art!


I’ve been coming to see our lawn-mowing sheep since I’ve been very small,

And I couldn’t imagine a summer that wasn’t sheep-filled at all.


Another part of town that’s really something neat

Is our pedestrian overpass, a delight to those on feet.


I’ve walked it since I can remember, and somehow even still

The height and cars rushing below manage to give me a thrill.


It runs across the highway, and has a lovely view

Of the city in every direction, including beneath your shoes!


Something you’d see from that high up is the tallest thing around:

The joyfully painted water tower, 46 meters up from the ground.


Since 1996 its painted people have held hands,

But for 55 years the tower itself has stood to mark the land.


Seen from outside the city, it’s always meant home to me

When driving into the Fort, the tower’s the first thing that I see.


Catching a ride on the caboose outside the train station!

The story of Fort Saskatchewan is told through historic sights,

Like our former railway station, with one train car and lights.


From 1905 till the 80’s, trains ran where cars now drive,

And today the station’s open for tours and rentals, 9 to 5.

Me in the Dr. Henry house at the museum!

The haunted museum grounds are, like the station, quite the sight,

Where history comes alive, and staff sometimes get a fright!


The Dr. Henry mansion abounds with treasures and antiques,

From dolls to desks to sewing machines, the museum is unique.


a carriage with a doll in it from 1900

Aside from holding history, the museum also brings

Back everyone’s grade 3 memories of historic field trips in the spring.


Straight across the road one can catch an outdoor show,

With acoustics akin to a theatre’s, the band shell’s the place to go.

Me taking the stage at the band shell!

The annual summer movie is held on the band shell’s stage,

And I dreamt of once performing there, when I was a younger age


One of the greatest stores in town is Twice but Nice without a doubt,

Our charity second hand store we couldn’t do without!

Me with the sign in the Twice but Nice window that is always needing to be updated!

Giving back to the community is the aim of the Twice but Nice game,

With ongoing support and assistance, it has earned its local fame.


One more place in Fort Saskatchewan that means a lot to me

Is the Dow Centennial Centre – our multi use facility.

The awesome giant chess set at the DCC!

I workout in the gym and perform on the stage and play with the giant chess,

I meet my friends and fundraise too; the DCC is, in short, the best!


I now conclude my ode to the Fort, leaving you with this:

If you’re travelling through northern Alberta, Fort Saskatchewan you don’t want to miss!!

Some friends I made on a recent trip to the DCC!







Also, thank you to my sponsor, Brian Curry of Brian Curry Photography for taking pictures of my fundraising activities and for donating the photo package!!

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