Today couldn’t be a better day to tell you all why my platform is so important to me and why I made the choice to do MTC.

Two years ago today my whole world changed. It was the day I lost my identical twin sister to suicide. She had been bullied both on and off line to the point it hurt her enough she had started to physically harm herself. She stopped eating, began self harming and stopped doing all the things she enjoyed. She enjoyed reading and painting, she was a cheerleader (with me), she took several different music lessons and loved it but more importantly she was the half of me that was soft, caring and kind. No matter what anyone said or did she looked for the good in them.


Shortly after her suicide my family and I knew we had two choices. One we could stay quiet and just carry on as best we could or two, we could do something to fight for the changes we need in our society to make sure those who need help get it and that no one else had to live with the same pain we face every day. We made the choice to fight for change! It is what Morgan would have wanted.

Since losing my twin I have been diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression and OCD. All of which change the way I have to deal with everyday life, the way I cope with things that could or do happen and the way my family functions. Fighting for change and finding my voice was the most important thing I needed to do and I did that. Making the choice to compete in MTC was not easy to make. My anxiety with speaking in front of people is pushed to its limit, being separated from my parents will be hard and trying on both myself and my parents but we know it is something we have to face. I will be okay but I am sure I will have my moments and so will my mom and dad <3

My platform is our non profit Morgan’s Mission. What we do is work with organizations on changes that are needed for mental health and the way bullying is handled. We also fight to have suicide prevention taught in communities, schools and encourage anyone who works with teens to take that training too. Competing in MTC screams Morgan! This is why I decided it was something I needed to do, for myself and for her. During Regionals in Calgary I carried my shell in my hand which holds some of her ashes, this is where my strength came from and she needed to be on that stage too.


To add to today we also came to learn that June 27 is also National PTSD Awareness day, a sign if you will showing us that what we are doing is the right thing. My PTSD comes from the loss of my twin but now her angelversary is also a day of awareness for me that will push me even harder to make all our dreams come true.

So today I will spend time remembering my twin Morgan and all that has happened in two short years that have brought me to a point in my life that I am starting to feel stronger. RIP Morgan, I love you. Till I See You Again xo


Written by: Bailey

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