The stage: one of my very favourite places to be. I’m lucky enough that in Fort Saskatchewan, we have the Shell Theatre, where I’m able to perform often.

Aside from dance competitions throughout the years, the first time I really got a taste of professional performance was in 2009 when I was scouted to play a piano show with three other local pianists. We had a lot of fun and I made three new friends through that show. Also, I was invited to play a second time by myself, opening for Soaring Strings- a violin-cello duo from Quebec.

I’ve played piano since I was eight, and I’ve always looked forward to performing!  Here is a picture of the sign outside the Shell Theatre that advertised one of my shows.

I also am involved with our community theatre group, the Sheeptown Players (Fort Saskatchewan is sometimes called “sheeptown” because of our seasonal lawn-mowing sheep that reside in town for the spring and summer; the Fort is also the only city in North America with ‘shepherd’ on the payroll).

I also adore being on stage with my musical theatre class at school. Last year, our show, Alice in Wonderland, sparked my interest in musical theatre. I had never considered singing before, and was thrown outside my comfort zone of only acting and dancing. Here is a picture of me (as the eight of hearts) and my sister, Lindsay, in costume after a show. Having so much fun in Alice in Wonderland, I decided to take the class again and audition for a bigger role, considering the show was to be Cats, my longtime favourite musical. I got the part I auditioned for, and here is a picture of me in the dressing room in costume (and in character!) before our first show. The most important audition yet is for my university musical theatre program, so that although I won’t be performing with my high school class at the Shell Theatre, I can continue to learn about one of my favourite things.


Another place I love to be is at the beach!! I adore the water, and water sports. I’ve been waterskiing since I was fourteen, and I relish the three weeks each August my family spends camping in Penticton, BC. I love sandcastles, and in the summer of 2008, my sister and I won the annual sandcastle building contest! However, our win was by default, as we were the only ones in the youth category.

Me (on the left) and my sister Lindsay (on the right) enjoying the beach

My family is very close, and in the summer we spend a lot of time together, engaged in marathon Scrabble and Yahtzee tournaments, playing mini golf, and being on the lake whenever possible. My 15 year old sister Lindsay is my only sibling and my best friend; we do almost everything together!

We both love to swim (especially during the summer!!) and I am a lifeguard with the National Lifeguard Service. Lindsay and I love diving off our boat and jumping off docks together whenever the opportunity presents itself… or taking pictures of one another jumping! Currently,  I’m also in the final stages of my practicum hours to become a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. I love teaching kids to swim, especially when they enjoy the water as much as I do! I find it rewarding to spend time teaching children how to float on their backs, then catch them doing it by themselves out of their own excitement!

Diving off the boat on a hot day

I also enjoy running outside when the weather is nice, and I go as often as I can. I run for enjoyment, but I also set goals for myself and try to improve over time. My dad and I frequently run together, and when we don’t, we compare our times and distances and discuss which hill is the hardest to run up.

This year, I added snowboarding to the list of sports I enjoy, and I also went snowmobiling for the first time. Considering I’m mostly a summer-sport person, these both proved interesting forays into the world of winter athletics, beyond tobogganing. Snowmobiling was definitely easier than snowboarding, although I enjoyed them both.

My favourite classes in school, other than musical theatre, are Art and English. I love painting, drawing, and especially sculpture, and last year I won the Artist of the Year award. I also enjoy writing and analyzing writing. I even like spelling and

Me spelling a word at the regional bee, where I was the runner-up.

grammar… in 2007 I placed 16th in the CanWest Canspell national spelling bee! My favourite books are Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Lord of the Flies by William Golding. I read both of them for school projects and re-read them often. I think the two best movies ever made are Amadeus, and the original Pirates of the Caribbean.

Thanks to the sponsors Shasha Bread Co, for their wonderful healthy snacks and to the Internet marketing firm PageOne for helping with all the personal blogs for the Miss Teen Canada Pageant.

I hope my first post has helped you get to know me!!



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