Before I catch everyone up on what I have been doing I need to announce that I am going to be an AUNT AGAIN!!!! My oldest sister is due for her second baby December 1st! I am so excited!!


On another note I have been trying to do what I can for my home community Fort Mac. I personally donated $500 that I had saved for the pageant because honestly this is where my heart is. My brother still lives there and was evacuated safely but this whole ordeal has caused a few set backs for me mentally which I am happy to say have been taken care of and treated. I will continue to raise money for local charities in Fort Mac because when they return they will need those local charities up and running!

Now on to catch you all up on what I have been doing

Pink Shirt Day Feb. 25 2016

Each year the Boys & Girls Club hosts a Pink Shirt Day walk. This year I was able to walk with the community and a friend from Fort McMurray who had come down to visit!

This was the first event I was able to attend as Miss Teenage Fort Saskatchewan which was perfect given my platform! Pink Shirt day was started back in Nova Scotia by two young men who stood up for a male student who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. Today it has become one of the largest movements in Canada that stand against bullying!

At the walk which ended at our Co-Op our mayor proclaimed Pink Shirt day in our city and presented it to our Boys & Girls Club! We then celebrated with hot dogs and cake!

I was able to give my first interview to our local radio station telling why this day was so important to me and why I was wearing a crown.

After the walk was done my parents then were able to take me down to the Pink Promise wall for Shaw TV. Shaw TV had previously done an interview with my mom and I regarding Morgan and Morgan’s Mission which aired on Pink Shirt Day. We went to the Pink Wall and made our Pink Promise in memory of Morgan and all who have been lost to bullying & cyber bullying.



Mix 107.9 Radio Interview

 So I was able to finally get in for my radio interview where we were able to talk some about my non-profit, my upcoming event Beautiful Me as well as my title!

It was fun sitting in the studio on live radio! I have done interviews before but this was just fun!

We also recorded an ad for them to play throughout the next year promoting my title and the station!

Radio Interview Mix 107.9

Radio Interview Mix 107.9

Beautiful Me 2016 in St. Albert

It has been such a busy few weeks for me! I love it but I also need my down time.

This past weekend I was part of a day that started five years ago to help 25 vulnerable, at risk and deserving teens a day to find their inner beauty. Last year I was nominated to be one of those teens having lost my twin just a few months before. This day was the first day I was able to smile and dance and be myself. It was life changing for me. It allowed me to find a part of myself that had been lost. At the end of the day my mom gave a speech to the volunteers who were there and they felt it was something we could work together on and 5 spots were added in memory of Morgan.

This year 30 teens were nominated and got a day to have hair, make up, wardrobe and photos done and I returned in title to help out and mentor some of the girls. This event is amazing and I love seeing the difference in these teens as the leave holding their head held high with self confidence!


International Diana Award

 This year I am happy to say I was awarded the International Diana Award for my work with Morgan’s Mission in raising awareness and speaking out against bullying as well as speaking up about mental illness and the importance of suicide prevention. In my life suicide is a reality and I should never be made to feel ashamed of that or feel silenced. Mental Illness is something everyone in their life will deal with. It may be yourself or someone you care about. We should never be forced into silence or judged because of something we can not control. And bullying? Well so many of us have dealt with bullying and peer abuse that its time we stand up and take back our rights to be and feel safe in school, in public and online!

This award is personal to me after learning more about who the peoples Princess was as a person. The more my family told me about things she had done, or things her family has done to keep her legacy alive the more she reminded me of my twin Morgan. Always looking for the positive and always helping others even when they hurt her. To me this is dedicated to Morgan and I hope I am able to have her legacy live on and honour her just as Diana’s sons do for her.

On a personal note I finally got a cat! However he is completely crazy and attacks everything! LOL! The funny thing is he was born on mine and Morgan’s birthday! Cool right? Morgan was always the cat person and me a dog person but its nice having a cat around again…… well most times!


 Me to We Nomination!

 So I was shocked when I found out I had been short listed and made top three for the Canadian Living Me to We Award! Again for my work with my non-profit Morgan’s Mission J

Mix 107.9 did a little interview promoting the voting which was awesome of them to do! Voting was for two weeks and the winner will be announced in October at Me To We Day Toronto and in the October issue of Canadian Living magazine!

Good luck to everyone and it is just an honour making top three! It was pretty cool given the charity of choice for MTC happens to be Free the Children which is part of Me to We!!

P.A.R.T.Y Grade 12 Mock Accident

 This year I decided to be one of the actresses in the mock accident for the grade 12 classes. This year they did drinking and driving. I was the one who was killed in the accident. They do a mock accident scene with the first responders and then they move on to a full funeral. This year some where freaked out when they were asked to come look in the coffin because they had placed a mirror there so when you looked in you seen yourself. This tragically can happen to anyone. If you make a choice to drink and drive you are putting the lives of those we all love and care about at risk. My mom always told people they had no right to put her or her family at risk by getting behind the wheel after you had been drinking. You know what? She is right! After being a part of this I felt I did a small part in helping someone make the choice to NOT drink and drive OR even be the one to stop a friends or family member from doing it. I enjoyed being part of this and I know I will do it again!


Proclamation of Youth & Child Mental Health Day May 7th

 Last October I had the city proclaim World Mental Health Day, this year I am honoured to say the city Proclaimed Youth & Child Mental Health Day! This could not have come at a better time. With the fires that raged through Fort McMurray and still threaten the camps in places mental health is going to be needed even more in that community once everyone is allowed back home.

As a teen myself who has mental illness this day is important because my generation and future generations need to know that their mental health is just as important as their physical health!


So that’s it for now! I have a few events coming up so I will fill you all in on that soon!!

~Bailey D~



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